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This service is used to find out about—and SOLVE—any kind of problem at a hotel. Use this service to tell your hotel anything you want and still keep your identity a secret. TellMyHotel.comTM can be used for any size or type of hotel that subscribes to this service.

This private feedback service works in two ways:

1) If you wish to report a problem with a hotel (as a "problem-reporter"), then you can report the problem to our service WITHOUT telling anyone (including us) who you are. We will then alert the hotel to access the encrypted problem report (which even SolvAnon® staff can't read) at Then, they can address the problem before it gets worse.


2) If you wish to receive a hotel problem report (as a subscriber), then you can sign up to get such anonymous tips before a problem gets worse.


Customers or Their Families and Friends – Use This Service To:

  • Tell the hotel about anything that the hotel's employees do that offends or bothers customers

  • Tell the hotel about problems at the hotel based on race, color, religion, gender, national origin, disability, or age

  • Tell the hotel what you think of the quality of their meeting and sleeping rooms, the quantity of their rooms, or the selection and choices of their room options

  • Tell the hotel what you think of their security system (of lack thereof)

  • Tell the hotel what you think of the quality and reliability of their baggage handling, reservation system, or other services

  • Tell the hotel about any cleanliness, health, or safety problem with their rooms or other areas

  • Tell the hotel about any problem that might make you stay at a different hotel instead

Hotel Employees—Use This Service To:

  • Tell the hotel about any problems with customer services

  • Tell the hotel about problems with check-in, check-out, waiting, or other customer areas

  • Tell the hotel about problems with hours of work assigned, supervisor conflicts, employee-employee conflicts, or any other personnel problem

  • Tell the hotel anything that makes you want to work somewhere else

And remember ... hotels that subscribe to this service get these reports from people who don't identify themselves on our encrypted secure Internet site. Anonymous problem-reporters are more likely to provide very useful tips indeed.

It's All Free!

TellMyHotel.comTM is part of the family of confidential Internet services known together as SolvAnon®. SolvAnon® is short for solving problems with anonymous tips.

This SolvAnon® service for finding out about hotel problems before they get worse is so unique that SolvAnon® has been granted a nationally registered trademark by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

This confidential and FREE private feedback service should be a vital part of any hotel.

(TellMyHotel.comTM is an independent service and not affiliated with any individual hotel, group of hotels, travel agency, or government agency).

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